10 May 2017

Wanted to share the latest regarding my medical status along with lots of links to magical things going on!!!

  • Overall my body and brain are under “control”.  This means that the tumors are sitting still, maybe shrinking a little bit and/or just in a static mode.  This is very awesome.  I’d like to see the shrinking but I won’t complain.  We are on month 10 of the biological treatment/drug Alecensa.
  • I am still losing sight over time, right eye is “stable” – the nerve is about 90% dead and not supposed to regenerate.  This means the right eye is about 90% blurry and fairly useless.  My left eye is receiving Avastin injections in order to save it from Ocular Degeneration, in other words, my left eye feels old and is just tweeking out now.  The shots are to prevent/slow down the deterioration and stop retinal detachment.  We will ‘see’ what happens in time.
  • I am on antibiotics for my jaw, every day, on a 180 day cycle.  My jaw bone (lower left) had a necrosis due to the XGEVA shots to strengthen my bones from the tumors.  My jaw is healing and a bone is actually coming out on the inside of my lower left jaw, like a BIG wisdom tooth.  This is amazing!  It also might push out 3 or 4 of my teeth.  This is way more preferable than having part of my lower left jaw removed.
  •  Next rounds of MRI, CTs and doctor consultations are between June 1 and June 15.  My next cycle with my eyes will be around August.

In the meantime, I get on an airplane this Friday morning (the 12th) to go back to Miami to go on tour with The Wailers.  I am a part of their family now after all! 🙂  Let the new chapter, new book begin!!!

So here are some links to some of the magic I am starting to get into!!!

1Love 1Heart ❤  -sms




Eli Marcus IDC International Radio:

Article on The Wailers website:






4 thoughts on “10 May 2017

  1. Beyond amazing to hear the good health news, and it is insane that you’re dreams are coming true! I am so stoked for you, Steven. You so deserve the joy!!! Keep kicking ass, taking names. Xoxo


  2. I’m so happy to hear about all this exciting news! Of course, it was awesome spending time with you when you were in Miami. I hope that we’ll get a chance to meet up again while you are here.

    Best always,

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